We get asked this question often. Seemingly people expect a place focused on the beers, to be setting up elsewhere. The NQ perhaps, or Ancoats. Whilst we did look everywhere in town for a suitable site, we settled on this one because of Bridge Street. We could've done things cheaper and easier elsewhere, but ultimately, we love this street and this end of town.

Elena and I had our first date on this St, at The Bridge 10 years ago. We and our friends have drank in its pubs and bars for years. You want your hair done? A massage? Your shoes need heeling, dry cleaning, tequila and a pizza? From world class cuisine to booking world travel, legal advice to acupuncture, it's all available on this one street. And it's only getting better, more bars and restaurants are currently in development.

So, when we found this basement and came to view it, we knew it was the one. (Despite the dry-rot, asbestos, drainage issues and planning constraints!)