I finally got into this fabulous new(ish) bar last week with my wife to see the panoramic view of Manchester I took last year that features on the wall of the Brink. 

Whilst we were chatting to Gareth (the owner for those of you who don’t already know) he told me that it had become quite the talking point. I hope that people chat about it because they like it… but the conversations that came to Gareth’s mind were mostly about where the photograph was taken from. 

Ok, so let’s settle this once and for all. 

It is 4 portrait photographs shot with a telephoto lens. The fact that it was photographed with this type of lens means the perspective has been foreshortened. In the sense that Manchester, Bury and Ramsbottom are shown as being a lot closer than they really are and as having less depth or distance between them. 

The four photographs have also been stitched together to form the panorama. This is what I think has caused a few issues and arguments. Creating a panoramic view where the camera is move left and and right rather than turned effectively gives you 4 veers slightly different origins. Plus, given the expanse of the landscape, you could be forgiven to mistake where it was taken from.

Well, I shall keep in suspense no more… It was taken from just below Peel Monument on Holcombe Hill. This is key information… If it had been taken from Peel Monument then you would have had a huge difference in the photograph. It’s quite a but further back and would have altered the shot considerably.

Below are some shots to demonstrate this. the first is looking back towards Peel Monument from where the photograph was taken, the second and third showing the same viewpoint with a wide angle lens - I’ve highlighted the area of this image that the panoramic photograph shows.

This along with many more manchester landscapes are available from my website at www.paulgroganphotography.com in the shop section.