That Photo...

I finally got into this fabulous new(ish) bar last week with my wife to see the panoramic view of Manchester I took last year that features on the wall of the Brink. 

Whilst we were chatting to Gareth (the owner for those of you who don’t already know) he told me that it had become quite the talking point. I hope that people chat about it because they like it… but the conversations that came to Gareth’s mind were mostly about where the photograph was taken from. 

Ok, so let’s settle this once and for all. 

It is 4 portrait photographs shot with a telephoto lens. The fact that it was photographed with this type of lens means the perspective has been foreshortened. In the sense that Manchester, Bury and Ramsbottom are shown as being a lot closer than they really are and as having less depth or distance between them. 

The four photographs have also been stitched together to form the panorama. This is what I think has caused a few issues and arguments. Creating a panoramic view where the camera is move left and and right rather than turned effectively gives you 4 veers slightly different origins. Plus, given the expanse of the landscape, you could be forgiven to mistake where it was taken from.

Well, I shall keep in suspense no more… It was taken from just below Peel Monument on Holcombe Hill. This is key information… If it had been taken from Peel Monument then you would have had a huge difference in the photograph. It’s quite a but further back and would have altered the shot considerably.

Below are some shots to demonstrate this. the first is looking back towards Peel Monument from where the photograph was taken, the second and third showing the same viewpoint with a wide angle lens - I’ve highlighted the area of this image that the panoramic photograph shows.

This along with many more manchester landscapes are available from my website at in the shop section.

Within 25 Miles!

When looking to open a Craft Ale Bar there is a temptation to go with well known brands and exotic delights. But all too often these take centre stage over local produce and we decided we wanted to do things differently.

There is a fantastic range of craft ales, in an array of styles from traditional bitters, stouts and IPA’s to Saisons and Sour Beers. These along with Craft Lagers, Ciders and even Mead, Vodka and Gin are all being lovingly created within 25 Miles of our fair City centre. Here at the Brink we want to showcase the best that the 80+ local micro-breweries and artisan producers have to offer.

The help and support that they have in turn shown for us has been heart warming. Brewers responding to desperate pleas for beer deliveries at the weekend after we had our first mad Friday night, or recommending other brewers when trying to hunt down specific products. The local brewing community has seemingly welcomed us with open arms and we would like to thank them for the part they have played in getting us through those testing first weeks and months.

So far we have had over 100 different ales, lagers and ciders from over 35 producers and we are really looking forward to bringing you more.


Why Bridge Street?

We get asked this question often. Seemingly people expect a place focused on the beers, to be setting up elsewhere. The NQ perhaps, or Ancoats. Whilst we did look everywhere in town for a suitable site, we settled on this one because of Bridge Street. We could've done things cheaper and easier elsewhere, but ultimately, we love this street and this end of town.

Elena and I had our first date on this St, at The Bridge 10 years ago. We and our friends have drank in its pubs and bars for years. You want your hair done? A massage? Your shoes need heeling, dry cleaning, tequila and a pizza? From world class cuisine to booking world travel, legal advice to acupuncture, it's all available on this one street. And it's only getting better, more bars and restaurants are currently in development.

So, when we found this basement and came to view it, we knew it was the one. (Despite the dry-rot, asbestos, drainage issues and planning constraints!)



Our story so far...

Our journey began in an empty basement on Bridge street in the heart of Manchester with no walls, no water, no electricity and more importantly no beer!

Over the past six months transformed this empty basement room into a comfortable and atmospheric ale house, specialising in locally brewed real ale and cider. Come down and visit!